ipseity: ip’sēətē: (philosophy) individual identity: selfhood

i p s e i t y

d e s i g n y o u r s e l f

Three easy steps to your complete brand design:

your ipseity design

brand vision, style & market research

develop your brand

logo, brand graphics, web design & social media

build your space

brick & mortar brand environment design

the practice

ipseity translated from Latin means self; ipseity design is one’s self-design. We provide brand design services from the client to business to building. Start by taking a look at your personal image and marketability, followed by developing a brand concept & style and finally your dreams come to fruition with your new product, retail store, restaurant or corporate office!

We trust in well-informed design inspired by creativity and collaboration, informed through culture and sustainability. We pride ourselves in providing an easily accessible product to client and consumer alike.

At ipseity, LLC, we believe incorporating the concept from top to bottom, human to building, with personal accountability grants our clients the best total brand result. Whether it is just a little branding Botox or an entire face lift, we are here for you!

Alena is the consummate professional, yet approachable and caring. Grounded in feminism and cooperation, and largely self-made. Exactly what I’d want in someone helping me to market say, a new yoga studio. The Louboutins are a nice touch.

Anthony, Copywriter