Why Anthropology?


Why Anthropology?

cultural anthropology – (noun) the branch of anthropology concerned with the study of human societies and cultures and their development.

People. In my opinion, architects and designers should be focused on people and their needs within buildings and not purely the form of the building itself. It was this core belief that drove me to study Cultural Anthropology during design school. My area of focus was Peru, a complex country with many different climate types and ways of habitating. From this microcosm of sorts I was able to learn about many different ways in which peoples establish themselves centuries before modern media, influencers, celebrities and keeping up with the Joneses. I am interested in barrier-free design that is inclusive to all races, genders and cultures.

With the understanding of the core human and respect for learning from nature, my interests then progressed toward studying graphic design where I would learn to clearly communicate my ideas visually. Appropriately integrated graphics within a space guide people through the building to find where they need to go. With combined understanding of populations and skills in Interiors & Architecture, personal branding and branded spaces are my expertise. We innovate, illustrate & initiate to visualize better communication for our client’s consumers.

ipseity was established to assist people with their personal branding, corporate branding and appropriately designed workspaces. I have found that typical branding firms are developed with a marketing and advertising foundation, whereas our strengths lie in visual and cultural design. Our branding connects with the end user. We are a small firm specializing in office, retail and restaurants, helping small and growing companies define the most important aspect of their business–themselves.


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