brand archetypes



The Jester lives in the moment and enjoys life. They walk on the wild side and use outrageous imagery to amuse their customers. This brand archetype is a master at brainstorming and always bring a different perspective to a situation. The Jester promises silly, outrageous and unconventional entertainment. The Jester motivates people to see value in play by connecting to their inner child. Some examples are Skittles and TikTok.

The Lover creates relationships and evokes emotions, like bliss or intimacy, seducing the customer to indulge in food, beauty or fragrances. The glamorous lover brand archetype promises passionDior, Victoria Secret, Playboy and Tinder are all examples of Lover brands. Suggested Reading

The Explorer craves adventure and wants to discover the world. They are independent, ambitious and spiritual and seek authentic fulfillment. The Explorer promises freedom. They want to escape boredom to find adventure. Well known brands like Jeep, National Geographic and GoPro are Explorers. 

The Caregiver is driven by the need to nurture and care for others. They offer protection, safety and support to their customers. Caregivers promise to protect and are generous and compassionate. When you think of Johnson & Johnson, you think of a Caregiver brand. 

The Ruler archetype is driven by power and control. Their voice is authoritative and masculine. Not to be seen as controlling, the Ruler relies on leadership and responsibility to gain trust and loyalty from customers. Naturally dominant, the Ruler promises power, as in Mercedes Benz and Rolex. 

The Hero is similar to the Ruler archetype regarding power and control; however the Hero displays courage. Heroes are achievers and winners who strive to save the world. Hero brand promises idealism and quality. Hero brands are Marvel and Duracell

The Creator brand archetype is a visionary: an inventor, artist, writer or entrepreneur. They desire freedom of expression and promise authenticityDriven by their core desire to produce exceptional and enduring works, this archetype ultimately seeks perfection. Apple and Adobe are probably the most significant Creator brands of our time.

The Rebel archetype is an expert in delivering truly radical ideas, services and products. Some Rebel brands can be seen as revolutionary. The Rebel was were ‘born to be wild’, resonating with customers who appreciate unconventional while rejecting the status quo. The Rebel promises revolution with brands like Harley Davidson and Virgin Airlines

The Magician seeks to improve life through understanding how things work. Often manipulative, the Magician is always driven, charismatic and healing. They promise knowledge, imagination and inspiration. Examples of the Magician archetype are Playstation and Polaroid

The Sage archetype seeks truth, good and wisdom from all situations. Knowledge seekers, the Sage is similar to the Magician, however Sages are philanthropic or philosophical. These brands use sophisticated vocabulary and symbolic imageryThe Sage promises wisdom and is motivated by truth; after all, the truth will set you free! Google is probably the most significant Sage of our time. 

The Innocent is honest, optimistic and pure. They desire a simple and happy life. They stand for honesty and hope. The Innocent brand archetype promises simplicity, as in Oreo and Dove

The Everyman is an equal. They appreciate familiarity, quality and dependability. The Everyman has simple, realistic and wholesome values. Fearing being alone and risk-taking, the Everyman promises belonging. The Everyman does not desire change and identifies with brands like Home Depot and Levi’s