Simply put: you are a brand! Everything that you do, say or publish is searchable—a transparency that makes identity branding more vital to business than ever before. To establish a consistent visual story and voice, it is essential to dictate your brand identity at the onset. Whether established or just starting out, ipseity, LLC is the perfect ally in developing your personal or company brand

Your brand identity directly relates to your ROI; basically, solid branding produces profits! At ipseity, LLC, we consider authenticity a critical element of success. Authenticity indicates a perceived alignment of a brand’s imagery, voice and actions. An authentic brand inspires trust and loyalty, ie: increasing profits. We also value creativity, taking risks and teaching; but we will get into brand archetypes a little further down. 

Try considering a brand like a person, with a distinct personality and reputation that influences feelings. The brand voice, or personality, builds the customer experience by connecting with the desired audience. The brand image, or perception & reputation, is conveyed through the brand identity or visual features such as logo, color, font, photo content and style. Because people are primarily visual, a memorable logo and consistent graphics impacts recognition. Branding is often used to distinguish from competitors or align with similar brands. Your initial branding helps focus your brand identity and brand voice as you build your business, facilitating consistency and promoting authentic brand image. 

What is your brand’s personality? bbb developed 14 architypes to identify your brand “type”. 


Headshots 101:

Because it takes a person less than a minute to decide if they like or trust you, visual cues become distinctly fundamental to successful branding.