It’s pretty simple: YOU ARE A BRAND. In today’s digital age, everything you put out there represents you and your business. Projecting a clear and concise brand is incredibly impactful, as it provides consumers with an impression of you, your business or product before you even open your mouth. Your brand identity should project your brand with purpose. Our holistic approach to identity branding creates a visual story to which your customer can easily relate and connect. Continuity amongst your personal brand, business story and physical store facilitates brand understanding and brand loyalty. 

ipseity, LLC is the perfect partner in developing your brand identity! We can provide you with personal brand consulting, original business concept ideas, design your new business concept, refresh an existing brand or package your growing business for franchise. Combined with market research, our easy three-step holistic identity design approach; personal identity, business identity, store identity, assures your business development strategy is comprehensive, fresh, trending and enduring.