Branding – Pet Project


Branding - Pet Project

Meet Royce, Champion Portuguese Water Dog, official Company Mascot and Professional Model. A true Covid-puppy, Royce is a velcro dog, earning his infamous middle name, FOMO. Like so many folks during the Pandemic, we had to find our fun times! Naturally, ipseity, LLC established an internal branding project, rather ‘Pet Project’ starring Royce! We gradually built a respectable organic following, obtained several sponsorships and contracted with retail brand, GFPet to produce lifestyle content for their Summer 2021 Marketing Campaign. With Elyse Heise behind the lens, Royce took the City of Chicago by storm, posing at iconic Chicago landmarks. Be sure to scroll to the end to see behind-the-scenes celebrity moments shaking paws with his public. 

insta: @chicagopwd

The Bean

Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor; Millennium Park.
Custom Bow Tie by The Southern Pup, Fabric by Little Arrow Design.

Greetings From Chicago

Postcard Mural by NYC graffiti artist Victor Ving and Ohio-born photographer Lisa Beggs; Wicker Park.
Gray Urban Hoodie by GFPet, Red Doggles by RexSpecs, Custom Chicago Flag Skin by Life Is Golden.

Red Rocket

Red painted wall; Wicker Park.
Red Reversible Raincoat by GFPet.

On The Prowl

Northern Lion by Edward Kemeys; the Art Institute of Chicago.

Mirror Mirror

Millennium Park Entrance at Michigan Avenue.
Custom Bow Tie by The Southern Pup, Red Doggles & Silver Mirror Lens by RexSpecs.

Puppy In The White City

Still photo from video shoot on location; Navy Pier. Model: Leslie Sorrentino
Ice Vest and Ice Cone ICE TOY™ by GFPet, 80s Retro Dog Shades by G006.

In The Summertime

Timeout with fans at Navy Pier shoot. 

Ice Vest and ICE TOY™ Ice Pop by GFPet
Ice Vest and ICE TOY™ Ice Pop by GFPet
Ice Vest and ICE TOY™ Ice Cone by GFPet
Ice Vest and ICE TOY™ Ice Cone by GFPet

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