Branding: Photo Session


Branding: Photo Session

Meet Andrea! She is a yogi and health coach for her small woman-owned business, A Happier Health. With Joshooa of Captured Dreamscapes behind the lens, we created a photo session to capture a variety of lifestyle and casual portraits. Andrea’s warmth and natural beauty truly shine in this branding session.

i'm just here for the farmers markets

Seemingly candid portrait with fresh flower bouquet prop.

outdoor lighting

With favorable weather conditions, outdoor lighting can really make a portrait shine!

props to us!

Interior stage set with wall art, healthy books and plants.

natural personal styling in a neutral tone warm residential setting

Bright green plant placed on diagonal with body position where green book cover guides focus to center. Book echoes necklace shape, framing genuine & friendly expression. Blush shirt stripe reflects pink African violet.

yogi sits in symmetry and balance

Casual simplicity portrait with leading lines. Cool gray tones juxtaposed to warm neutral frame.

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