Copper Love


Copper Love

Copper is an amazing metal! It is both functional and beautifulan excellent conductor and critical to human health. Naturally anti-bacterial, copper has an ideal application as countertops or sink basins. The best cookware is made from copper for its superior conductivity of heat and evenness of heat spread. It is also used in wiring, roofing and plumbing. Copper is also commonly used for purely aesthetic interior applications for its unmistakably unique warm reddish finish that oxidizes to a desirable minty green.

As a biomimic, I am obsessed with copper, not only in my kitchen, but as an element critical to the human body; copper is important to bone and heart health. Copper is a detoxifier, immunity booster and known for anti-aging. Copper is found in many healthy foods like shellfish, whole grains, beans and dark leafy greens. We love copper!!

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