our growing team at ipseity, LLC will surely prove invaluable in your ipseity design!

Alena w. Holmes - Founder & CEO

With a background in both interior and architectural design, anthropology and flair for visual communication, Alena transcends cultural barriers in her work. Post-graduation, her 2007 lecture on personal branding and graphic design basics, lead to an architectural specialty in branded environments. Driven to create compelling design for all, Alena launched ipseity, LLC in 2019 to do exactly that. A reputed team player she is proficient in identity branding, concept refreshes and franchise development. Her designs create value through improved operational efficiency, proven financial results and thriving businesses. 

Alena draws from her experience as a design professional, artist, research and experience working in restaurants, retail stores and hotels to create the ultimate ipseity design experience in every project. She employs a uniquely holistic design approach. Alena tailors her design process to each client’s specific needs with freshness, creativity, intelligence, cultural awareness and industry knowledge. Never lacking innovation, courage and commitment to intent, Alena’s professional experience and specialized proficiencies distinctly qualify ipseity, LLC to address your personal and business goals.

Natalie Dunn - Director of Strategic Marketing

Natalie understands that your brand is your voice and strives for all clients, large or small, to be heard and understood. She brings extensive knowledge of proven marketing strategies from 15+ years in customer experience and digital transformation. Natalie has cultivated an impressive career leading market resource optimization for numerous brands and financial service leaders. She consistently meets design intent, exceeds quotas and adds immense value to business growth and success. Natalie ensures provocative strategies and fearless execution to your marketing campaign.