Alena w. Holmes - Founder & CEO

With a background in both interior and architectural design, anthropology and flair for visual communication, Alena transcends cultural barriers in her work. Her 2007 lecture on personal branding and graphic design basics, lead to an architectural specialty in branded environments. Driven to create compelling design for all, Alena launched ipseity, LLC in 2019 to do exactly that. Reputed as a team player, she is proficient at identity branding, concept refreshes and franchise development. Her designs create value through improved operational efficiency, proven financial results. 

Alena employs a uniquely holistic design approach, providing design services from client to business to store. Start by taking a look at your personal identity, brand voice & style, followed by developing your social media presence. Finally your dreams become concrete with your new office, restaurant, hotel or retail store!

Her mission is to activate your visual story to produce a complete brand identity with purpose. She tailors her design process to each client’s specific needs with freshness, creativity, intelligence, cultural awareness and industry knowledge. Never lacking innovation, courage and commitment to intent, Alena’s professional experience and specialized proficiencies distinctly qualify ipseity, LLC to address your personal and business goals. She thinks outside the box, while remaining mindful of both historical trend cycles and future innovation. Her work evolves with the times, remaining relevant, profitable and scalable. 

QA/QC review for a multi-billion dollar hotel project in Dubai


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