Environmentalism: Biomimicry-Style


Environmentalism: Biomimicry-Style

One of my most personal interests is the environment. Biomimicry reveals an environmentally responsive building practice where smart building technology merges art with science. As a disciple of biomimicry, I desire a style of architecture where buildings are responsive to human behavior and accessible to literally anyone. Barrier Free. A style that understands people and that people can understand. It takes both nature and nurture to create healthy places to live and work.

I see the rainbow as a reflection of warm and cool. For some reason there is no pink, nor any daughter in nature. Just Mother Nature, but how did she get that way if she was never a daughter of something or someone. It’s a chicken and egg question with no reincarnation if we live in a male dominated world of no compassion. I stated my interest in the environment as a young Girl Scout and a belief in the Golden Rule. During graduate school, I was introduced to a book called Biomimicry by Janine M. Benyus. It is a beautiful future when science and art can combine to create a healthier more balanced built environment for everyone.

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