Why Brand?

What do you want? To get a better job, package your product, establish a new business or refresh an existing one, become famous? ipseity, LLC can help! Projecting a clear and concise brand is even more impactful than what you literally say to your client, customer or prospective employer. Your image communicates before you even open your mouth. If done effectively, you are deliberately projecting your brand with wardrobe, style, workspace design, logo, font, etc. — a consistent brand identity encourages brand loyalty. Your image should not; however, project a false self. ipseity, LLC does not endeavor to change who you are. In fact, with an expertise in branding, we can guide you towards a more accessible version of yourself to which your consumer can easily relate, thus facilitating your material success.

ipseity, LLC can provide you with fresh concept ideas, brand your new concept, refresh an existing concept store or help you tailor your growing business for franchise. Combined with the best market research consultants, our design experience will assure your business development strategy is current, fresh and enduring.

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