Alena w. Holmes – Principal

With degrees in architecture, interiors that focused on cultural anthropology and graphic representation, Alena understands design as a medium that fosters spacial accessibility by transcending both language and cultural barriers. She began working with brand development in 2007 when she first lectured on personal branding and effective graphic communication at an architectural conference. Since then she established her career in Chicago architecture firms, ranging from start-ups to global corporations, has worked on both national and international projects and focused on the development and implementation of branded environments. She has experience with personal branding, new businesses, brand refreshes and franchise development. Alena has been recognized for her excellent collaboration skills, thoroughness and attention to detail.

Always striving towards becoming an architect, Alena grew up in South Florida and quickly decided to follow in the footsteps of a family friend, Bruce Graham (credited with the design of both the Sears and Hancock Towers) by moving to Chicago to follow her dreams! She is an accomplished professional artist and has always been fascinated by the human condition–obsessed with intuitive design, pattern behavior and the spacial relationships between men and women. Her graduate studies in visual communication through graphic design combined with her degrees in anthropology and both interior & exterior design principles, makes her uniquely qualified to advise on your branding & design goals. With a broad range of interests and expertise, Alena and her growing team at ipseity, LLC will surely prove invaluable in your ipseity design!

Emily Sides – Director of Marketing

Emily brings to ipseity, LLC expertise in social media management and strategic marketing. She has developed a career of optimizing social media for Fortune 500 companies, adding immense value to their success and growth in various industries. Emily believes your brand is your voice and is ready to help your company, large or small, to be heard and understood.

Born and raised in the midwest, she studied art history and marketing at the University Cincinnati and brings a love of design and strategic thinking to every project.