World’s Most Beautiful Color


World's Most Beautiful Color

Right brain or Left brain? Creative or Logical? Beautiful or Functional? Are Art & Science eternally fated to an either/or discourse? YInMn blue proves not! YInMn blue is not just any shade of blue. This vivid hue is the most beautiful color in the world; yet, it is environmentally responsible and functional. Named after the elements Yttrium, Indium and Manganese, this synthetic hue won’t be found on the walls of the Louvre. YInMn blue emerged in a science lab.

Discovered in 2009 during chemistry research for electronics materials, when applying extreme heat to Manganese Oxide (which is black) this vivid perfect shade of blue appeared. The beauty of YInMN blue is undeniable, but why is it so special? The blue hue does not fade in oil or water and is unusually optimal at reflecting infrared light. What does this mean? Because it doesn’t fade and keeps things cool, the patented pigment has been used in roofing and coatings since its’ release in 2016. As an architect, artist and environmentalist, I champion moments for perfect harmony between Science + Art!

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