Simply put: you are a brand! Everything that you do, say or publish is searchable—this transparency makes identity branding more vital to business than ever before. To present a consistent visual story and voice, it is essential to dictate your brand identity at the onset. Whether established or just starting out, ipseity, LLC is the perfect ally in developing your personal or company brand

Your brand identity directly relates to your ROI; basically, solid branding produces profits! At ipseity, LLC, we consider authenticity a critical element to brand success. Authenticity indicates a perceived alignment of a brand’s imagery, voice and actions. An authentic brand inspires trust and loyalty, ie: increasing profits. We also value creativity, taking risks and wisdom; but we will get into brand archetypes a little further down. 

Try considering a brand like a person with a distinct personality and reputation that influences feelings. The brand voice, or personality, builds the customer experience by connecting with the desired audience. The brand image, or perception & reputation, is conveyed through the brand identity or visual features such as logo, color, font, photo content and style. Because people are primarily visual, a memorable logo and consistent graphics impacts recognition. Branding is often used to distinguish from competitors or align with similar brands. Your initial branding helps focus your brand identity and brand voice as you build your business, facilitating consistency and promoting an authentic brand image. 


What is your brand’s personality? Carl Jung theorized that people use symbolism to understand complex concepts. From this theory, twelve archetypes were developed to identify your brand voice. “These archetypes are imprinted and hardwired into our psyches.” Carl Jung  Thus, the first step in defining your brand voice is determining which archetype suits your brand. 

Can you answer these questions about your target clientele? Is your consumer thrifty or swanky? Do they like freedom or control? Do they want statistical evidence and safe moves or innovation and risk that could pay off big?

Your brand archetype determines your audience and who connects with your brand. Each archetype personifies a distinct set of values and motivations that voice a specific brand message. Whether bold or timid, inclusive or exclusive, extreme or reserved, your brand can reach your target audience. 

ipseity, LLC embodies the Creator, Rebel and Sage

As the Creator, our core  vision is to create something enduring; most artistic or innovative brands embody this type. The Creator brand archetype is a visionary: inventor, artist, writer or entrepreneur. This archetype desires freedom of expression and promises authenticityDriven by their core desire to produce exceptional and enduring works, they ultimately seek perfection. Customers of the Creator shun advertising but may enjoy experimental or novel ads. However difficult to appeal to, Creator brands can develop the most loyal and devout fan base. Apple and Adobe are probably the most notable Creators of our time. 

As the Rebel, we endeavor to pioneer a revolutionary voice for society at large. This archetype is an expert in delivering truly radical ideas, services and products. Some rebel brands can be seen as revolutionary! The rebel brand reflects those who were ‘born to be wild’, resonating with customers who appreciate unconventional and reject the status quo. Rebel ads rely heavily on shock value with no obvious selling point. The Rebel promises revolutiontheir customers are not sheep; ie: Harley-Davidson or Virgin Airlines

As the Sage, we rely on intelligence and wisdom to discover greater meaning in the world. This archetype seeks truth, good and wisdom from all situations, and is fulfilled by finding answers to the most challenging questions. These brands promise learning and knowledge and use higher levels of vocabulary or symbolic imagery. They demonstrate intelligence and superior problem-solving skills and trust customers to be able to grasp difficult ideas and industry inside jokes. Google is probably the most significant Sage of our time, developing significant expertise useful to others. The Sage promises wisdom and is motivated by truth; after all, the truth will set you free!